Cultural Association

Cosmia is a cultural association based in Italian-speaking part Switzerland. Run by a women’s collective (writers, graphic designers, photographers, visual artists, musicians), it has as its intrinsic purpose the development and support of all the arts, in their multiplicity of structures and forms; the promotion of women writers, artists and performers, in all creative fields.
We have chosen the name Cosmia to recall the moths so named, symbol of adaptation, survival and transformation, nocturnal creatures that orient themselves with moonlight, believed by folklore to be the souls of fairies and witches.


Cosmia is a transformation project through the tools of literature and art.
Thanks to the feminine, versatile creative flow, capable of accommodating and redefining identity over time, and consolidating relationships, we move to reconstruct our world by making creative and free decisions, outside of predictable market logics.

Publishing House

Cosmia is an independent publishing house where we devote attention and creativity to the work, to produce books that tell the story they contain also in their appearance.
We have also embraced an independent distribution policy, direct contacts with bookshops that might host our books are precious. If you would like to collaborate with us as an outlet for our publications, please contact us!

The first novel we worked on with care, which represents us and the idea of literature we would like to spread, is Ossimoro Sorridente by Francesca Fretti.

Narrandomnia is a term that combines Narration, Random and Omnia, we have chosen it as the name for this experiment in which we want to keep the narrative open, so that it can potentially evolve in every direction.
In every written story remains a world that the author does not tell but that the reader imagines, we want to give voice to the worlds imagined by those who experience a literary text, giving them the possibility of continuing the story with further writing, with images, music or video. The process can also be done in reverse, from multimedia to a new text.
These collaborations may find new avenues of expression in the world of cryptoart, whose tools, although still under development, allow for experimentation with new ways of thinking about digital publishing.
We organise events, initiatives and experiences of perpetual narration.


Associazione Cosmia
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